Summer is Over and I am Back to Blogging!

שיתוף הוא אכפתיות!




A lot of you might have been wondering what happened to me. This summer has been crazy busy and full of stress. as of today I will be back blogging and going to blogs on a regular basis again.

Here are a few small details of my crazy summer:

The start went well. In June I had my teenage daughter help me with the kids so I could put together our new website, The healthy mothers Online. If you haven’t went to it I suggest you do so. With little to no HTML knowledge, a cheap shopping cart software program, and Yahoo web hosting (which is also cheap and not the greatest), I threw together an online store all by myself. Can’t you tell I am pretty proud!

In July my oldest flew out to Wisconsin to stay with her grandparents for ten days. She complained to them about viewing the kids all the time so I could work. When she got back I chose that she didn’t have to do that for the rest of her summer.

I learned the hard way that it is nearly impossible to take care of three little ones under five while working. I continued to add new products to our store, but was only able to spend about an hour online every day. Something had to give – this blog. I stopped going to all of your blogs due to lack of time and I concentrated on my family.

The young boys had fun birthday parties in July. Conan turned three in the middle of the month and Christopher John turned one at the end of the month.

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Just last week we took the kids to Disney Land and returned late on Sunday night. Our tire blew when we were about ten miles from Modesto (about an hour and a half away from home). That added a couple much more hours to our trip. What ought to have been a 6 hour drive ended up taking about 10 hours. try sitting in a car with a crabby teenager who just wants to get home, a one year old who is screaming non stop for no obvious reason and two preschoolers who insist on stopping for potty breaks every 50 miles or so. but we had a lot of fun at Disney Land so I guess that was well worth it.

This summer we learned the hard way that we are outgrowing this tiny 900 square foot home and my anxiety is getting out of control because of it. So my husband applied to as numerous promotions as he could but with no luck. He didn’t get any of the jobs east of the Rockies. Although, he is still a candidate for a position up in Spokane, Washington. before he can formally get provided the job it has to be approved through a couple of committees. The committees are taking their time because they are concerned about the fact that he has applied to that same position in other areas of the country, interviewed for them but never got the job.

The only way we can afford to relocation to a bigger house here in Sacramento is if I go back to work or Chris takes a second job. Please pray for us! For my mental health‘s sake I really need to get out of California and Chris wants this other job so badly.

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We also chose that this year we will no longer be able to afford to send Courtney to a Catholic school. The schools near our home are large inner city public schools and she is frightened to death to attend them. So I enrolled her in the California virtual Academy. She will be going to school online and starting in a couple of weeks from now. While kids from all over Sacramento are already in school she will delight in a couple much more weeks of summer.

מה עשית בקיץ הזה? Was it as crazy as mine? Are you looking forward to fall and then the holidays? I would love to hear your thoughts on this. You can either leave me a comment or blog about your summer linking back to this article.

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